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[Site last updated on February 01, 2024]

Latest Top Mobile Phone Price & Release Update in Bangladesh


Demo Phone

Demo Phone

12000  4/64 GB
Realme GT Neo 2

Realme GT Neo 2

৳42,990  8/128 GB
Redmi Note 12

Redmi Note 12

৳21,499  6/128 GB
৳22,999  8/256 GB

Top 10 Mobile Brands in Bdmobile24

S.LLogoMobile Brands Name
1 Xiaomi



Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh 2024

Welcome to bdmobile24.com, This is the number one place/source for all mobile phone prices & details review and buy in Bangladesh. Our main goal is for the user to buy the best phone of his choice. For that, bdmobile24.com analyzes the price of each phone along with the configuration of the phone. So hopefully every user will benefit from getting the correct information of bdmobile24.com.

At present, mobile and the internet have become the main communication centers/sources of human beings. But there is a big difference between today’s mobile and internet and 19th-century mobiles and there was no internet. Mobile phones started to be used in Bangladesh in the ’90s. Those mobile phones were button mobile phones. This phone could only talk. These mobiles used antennas to power the network while talking. These phones were large in weight and size so the user had to use them. These phones were more expensive due to which the users were fewer. That is why those who used those mobile phones at that time had more dignity in society. Java and Nokia phones were very popular at that time. Later, in the year 2000, besides talking, some new features like Bluetooth, calculator, calendar, time, audio recording, and FM radio came. Android mobile phones came to the market in Bangladesh in 2006. These phones come with twice as many features as in the past through their operating system. The biggest features of these phones are internet and customizable apps, video recording, high-quality photography and storage, and the display is touchscreen. In addition, the price of these phones is lower than previous mobile phones. So there are more users of these mobiles. These current mobiles are called smartphones.

Along with these Android mobiles, Apple iPhone also came with an iOS operating system. At present, Android phones and iPhones have gained a lot of popularity all over the world including Bangladesh India. So the smartphone business has become a lucrative business. So traders are starting a business with mobile shops. So bdmobile24.com analyzes the features and prices of each latest mobile so that mobile users can buy a good smartphone. Mobiles shop reviews the price and performance of each mobile in Bangladesh.

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